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Genetics and Epigenetics

Sugar Wars, Episode 2: "Fructose Strikes Back"

Few food components have been demonized as much as fructose in the past
decade. With fructose being presumed guilty in metabolic syndrome and heart
disease, this systematic review sheds light on it’s actual impact on blood lipids.

Tea time means only tea for optimal EGCG absorption

Many people drink green tea for health, and some take green tea or EGCG
supplements in an attempt to shed extra fat. While these topics have been
researched at length, there hasn’t been as much research on timing. This study
looks at EGCG absorption with and without food.

Gluten-intolerant? There’s a pill for that

Some people are lactose intolerant, but still drink milk thanks to the
availability of lactase enzymes. That setup isn't yet possible for those who
don't handle gluten well. This study examines the efficacy of a promising
enzymatic adjunct to a gluten-free diet.

All up in your krill

The story on krill oil thus far has been fairly simplistic: it’s better than fish oil
and more expensive. But there’s a reason why you can't draw conclusions
based off few studies, and successful results in one condition don’t apply to
other conditions. This trial gives some of the first pieces of evidence for
possible negative metabolic effects of krill oil.

Beet out your competition with dietary nitrate!

Beets have shown promise for solo exercise, but what about for longer activity
of typical team sports? This study examines the effects of one week of dietary
nitrate supplementation on exercise performance and cognitive function during
a repeated sprint test protocol designed to reflect work and recovery patterns
that typically occur during team sport play.

Got milk (fat globule membrane)?


Butter and milk don't have the same impact on heart disease, and their fat
structures may help explain why. This study investigate whether the effects of
milk fat on plasma lipids and cardiometabolic risk markers are modulated by
the milk fat globule membrane content.

Vitamin (K)cardiovascular health?

Results are in from the first long-term trial of vitamin K2 for cardiovascular
health. This double-blind randomised clinical trial looks at the effect of of
Menaquinone-7 supplementation on arterial stiffness in healthy
postmenopausal women.

I get by with a little help from my friends: probiotics and depression

Mix a few beneficial probiotic strains, take daily, lower your chances of
depression? The objective of this Dutch study was to determine the effects of a
probiotic supplement on cognitive reactivity to sad mood, as well as symptoms
of depression and anxiety in non-depressed, healthy adults.

Does BCAA+Arginine prevent fatigue during exercise?

Nervous system fatigue can limit exercise duration, and this supplement combo
might help. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of combined
supplementation of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and arginine on
intermittent sprint performance in simulated handball games on 2 consecutive

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